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Picture of the TCCU Main Branch in Taylorville, Illinois

The first TCCU branch opened in Taylorville, Illinois in 1956.  TCCU was founded in the basement of a house to assist local business owners with their payroll. The credit union grew and began to require a small staff.  In 1976, TCCU occupied the current building on West Main Cross, but the building was half the size as it is today.  At that time, tables were used instead of desks to process paperwork and help members.  The staff of 6 took turns waiting on members, compiling loan applications, and completing collection work.  The building also had a one-lane drive thru.  Over the years the face of TCCU has changed, but the devotion to friendly and honest service has kept TCCU as an active and welcome member of the Taylorville community. 

TCCU Taylorville Staff

Will Perkins, President and CEO

Will Perkins
President and CEO

Will Perkins has been the President and CEO of TCCU since 2014.  He earned his B.A. in finance from Bradley University and has worked in the financial arena throughout his career.  Before coming to TCCU, he was a Vice President/Compliance Officer at a local community bank for over 11 years.  Will enjoys coming to the office each day because of the close knit atmosphere the employees and members create.  He also enjoys being part of a credit union where dollar per dollar, more is given back to the community through scholarships programs, neighbors in need, and programs for kids, seniors, and veterans.  It is a place Will is proud to be a part of.

Email: will@yourtccu.net

NMLS ID:  801039

Taylorville Community Credit Union NMLS ID:  800706

Karen VanBlaircum, Vice President of Collections & Insurance

Karen VanBlaircum
Vice President of Collections & Insurance

Karen has been a part of the TCCU family since 1990 when she was hired as a teller and collection officer.  She held these positions until the end of 1997, and returned to TCCU in 2005.  Karen enjoys the personal atmosphere the credit union provides.  The members feel more like friends than “customers,” and it is a nice feeling to be able to assist them with all of their financial needs.

Email: karen@yourtccu.net

Consuela France, Vice President of Lending & Marketing

Consuela France
Vice President of Lending and Marketing

Consuela joined the TCCU family in 1997.  She holds her B.A. in business from the University of Illinois, Springfield.  Consuela enjoys working at TCCU because there is one on one communication between members and this allows relationships to be built.  She likes being a local resident and also working in the community she loves.

Email: consuela@yourtccu.net

NMLS ID:  804484

Taylorville Community Credit Union NMLS ID:  800706

Terri Meyer, Controller

Terri Meyer

Terri is the Controller and has been with TCCU since July 2015.  She says the best aspect of TCCU is being a part of a small community and meeting the financial needs of TCCU members.  There is great satisfaction in it.

Email: terri@yourtccu.net

Bev Hafliger, Loan Coordinator

Beverly Hafliger
Loan Coordinator

Beverly began her working career at Franklin Life and remained there for 7 years until she stayed home to be with her young family.  When her son turned 9, she came to TCCU in 1976 where she has “always” worked part-time.  Beverly has worked in a variety of departments, but is currently a loan coordinator.  She has remained as part of the TCCU staff because Beverly really likes the people she works with and the membership of the credit union.  She believes in coming in on Monday morning with a smile, then leaving on Tuesday evenings with the same smile.

Michelle Beaman, Teller Supervisor

Michelle Beaman
Teller Supervisor

Michelle is the supervisor over the tellers at TCCU as well as the VISA Coordinator.  She began her career with TCCU in February of 1999, and took a leave beginning in June of 2005 to stay home with her 3 children.  Because she loved the TCCU employees and members, she came back to work in April of 2009 and has been with us ever since.  The staff and members of TCCU are very special to Michelle and she thanks the members for making her years with TCCU rewarding. 

Email: michelle@yourtccu.net

Kayla Howell, ACH Coordinator    

Kayla Howell

ACH Coordinator/Loan Officer

Kayla joined the TCCU Taylorville team in 2016.  She handles all ACH related duties.  In addition to her ACH duties, she also answers debit card questions and opens new accounts.  Kayla enjoys interacting with members and helping them with their financial needs.  

Email:  kayla@yourtccu.net

NMLS ID:  1933045

Taylorville Community Credit Union NMLS ID:  800706

Amme Barr, Member Service Representative and Teller

Amme Barr
Member Service Representative and Teller

As a teller, Amme assists members with their daily transactions, but also opens accounts and answers questions about debit cards and home banking.  She joined the TCCU team in February of 2012 and appreciates the variety of work she experiences each day.  One minute she helps someone with a checking account, and the next she answers a phone call about home banking.  Amme loves that her job is challenging and she has the opportunity to learn something new every single day.

Email:  amme@yourtccu.net

Heather McConnell, Member Service Representative and Teller

Heather McConnell
Member Service Representative and Teller

Heather is a Member Service Representative and a Teller at TCCU.  She joined our team in 2012 and has over 20 years of banking experience to share with our members.  She loves her work and the members she assists each day.  Heather feels blessed to have such a wonderful group of co-workers as well.

Email:  heather@yourtccu.net

Linsey Henderson pic

Linsey Richardson

Member Service Representative and Teller

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