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Picture of the TCCU Hillsboro branch

The Hillsboro branch of TCCU opened in February of 1989 on Main Street as a full service credit union.  It was one of the first credit unions in Hillsboro and has moved locations 3 times to accommodate the ever expanding membership.  TCCU Hillsboro came to its current home on East Wood Street in 2013.  We are proud to have local residents as our employees as we embrace the wonderful community of Hillsboro.

TCCU Hillsboro Staff

Catha Yount, Branch Manager

Catha Yount
Branch Manager/Loan Officer

Catha has spent 27 years of her 33 year financial career at TCCU Hillsboro.  Being a part of TCCU Hillsboro from day one has been a rewarding experience.  It has given Catha opportunities to develop friendships with the members and people who have helped make TCCU a success.    

E-mail:  catha@yourtccu.net 

Todd Maxwell, Vice President

Todd Maxwell
Vice President/Loan Officer

Todd brings 27 years of financial services experience to TCCU Hillsboro.  Todd most recently worked as a Vice President/Loan Officer at a local bank for the past 15 years.  He has considerable experience in collections, management, and commercial/business lending. 

E-mail:  todd@yourtccu.net

Mindi Armbruster, Loan Officer

Mindi Armbruster
Loan Officer & Teller

Mindi has been a part of the TCCU team for over 13 years and works as a Loan Processor.  Mindi enjoys meeting new people and building relationships with TCCU’s members.  The best part about her job is assisting members with their financial needs as it is a good feeling to help someone achieve their goals. 

E-mail:  mindi@yourtccu.net

Glenda Fenton, Teller

Glenda Fenton

Glenda has been a Teller at TCCU Hillsboro for 2 years.  She enjoys coming in to work each day because of the family-like atmosphere created by her co-workers.  Glenda is also grateful for the interaction she has with TCCU members at the credit union and out in the Hillsboro community. 

E-mail:  glenda@yourtccu.net

Nancy Merriman, Head Teller

Nancy Merriman
Head Teller

Nancy is the Head Teller at TCCU Hillsboro and has been a part of our team for over 10 years.  She warmly welcomes members and enjoys helping them with their transactions.  Nancy also enjoys the staff she is able to work with each day.

E-mail:  nancy@yourtccu.net

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